About Muzaffarnagar Gold

We are a group of females. Our families have been involved in Gur (Jaggery) manufacturing for over 50 years. This gave us much deeper understanding of Gur and its immense health benefits.

We being native of Muzaffarnagar feel privileged to associate ourselves with Gur. Gur is also officially connected with Muzaffarnagar.The UP government’s One District, One Product Programme aims to encourage such indigenous and specialized products. Gur is certified as being specific to Muzaffarnagar.

The rich legacy of Gur business gave us the inspiration to come out with a new face and offerings for the new and younger generation.We also felt that it is our moral responsibility to propagate the immense health benefits Gur has to offer.

Our motto at Muzaffarnagar Gold is to share the benefits of Gur and take it to every household across age groups of our country and beyond…

All the variants of our Gur under the brand of Muzaffarnagar Gold are exclusively curated by us after lot of research and hard work. All the ingredients used in our Gur are pure and naturally sourced to give you natural and authentic taste.