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A women enterprise

We are a group of females. Our families have been involved in Gur (Jaggery) manufacturing for over 50 years. This gaveus much deeper understanding of Gur and its immense health benefits.


We being native of Muzaffarnagar feel privileged to associate ourselves with Gur. Gur is also officially connected with Muzaffarnagar.The UP government’s One District, One Product Programme aims to encourage such indigenous and specialized products. Gur is certified as being specific to Muzaffarnagar.

Why Muzaffarnagar Gold

What makes us different

The answer to this question lies in the UP government’s One District, One Product Programme which certifies Gur/Jaggery uniquely specific to Muzaffarnagar.

Muzaffarnagar Gold Jaggery is produced at carefully and conscientiously selected Kolhusin the specific pockets of Muzaffarnagar district where the quality of sugarcane is ideally suited for the fine taste of jaggery.

Muzaffarnagar Gold Jaggery is available only in hygienically packed, airtightand reusable containers. Our special seal helps retain the aroma and freshness for a long time which makes Muzaffarnagar Gold Jaggery distinctive.


Made with passion by curators across the country.

100% Natural

Eat local, consume local, closer to nature.


Across West & East India

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